Preclinical and Analytical CRO enabling the proof of principle studies in drug discovery

Our mission is to serve pharmaceutical companies and research organizations to accelerate the drug discovery process, evaluate mechanisms of drug actions and strengthen the functional validation of candidate drugs.

Advanced services in CNS pharmacology, neurochemistry and bioanalysis

Pronexus together with its strategic partners offer advanced services and collaborative projects including in vivo, in vitro and ex vivo techniques in experimental disease models.

Microdialysis and PK/PD studies in experimental models of CNS and metabolic disorders

Pronexus together with its strategic partners possess world leading expertise and know-how in preclinical & clinical microdialysis, and biosensors to simultaneously monitor disease surrogate markers and drugs.

UHPLC-MS/MS, high-sensitive HPLC methods, immunoassays

The bioanalytical services include high-sensitive techniques for quantification of neurotransmitters and other endogenous molecules, metabolites and drug levels in the microliter volumes of microdialysis samples, CSF, plasma, cell lysates and dissected brain tissue extracts.